Our Team

airportQM and its highly experienced international network of industry professionals have an extensive track record of success in challenging and dynamic project and operational environments.

Our collective experience spans six continents, providing strategic leadership and hands-on delivery onto the airport environment, specializing in:

  • executive leadership
  • strategic planning & execution
  • finance & administration
  • aviation & transport law
  • aircraft design & performance
  • land-use & master planning
  • design & construction
  • project management
  • operations & security
  • technology & systems
  • operational readiness & transfer
  • facility & capacity planning
  • airline & in-flight operations
  • ground handling operations
  • airport & airfield maintenance
  • emergency planning & preparedness
  • quality & safety management
  • aviation & airport policy
  • energy policy & renewable power
  • wireless telecommunications
  • information technology
  • route development & diversification
  • commercial & real estate development
  • retail, duty free, food & beverage
  • commercial advertising
  • UAVs threats and opportunities

Our Partners

Fernando Lopez-Calleja

AiportQM Partner & Managing Director

20+ years of int'l senior management experience in aerospace, aviation and airport operation with key skills in operational readiness, infrastructure commissioning and integration, airfield operations, ground handling, aerodrome safety and compliance and safety management.

Curtis Grad

Modalis Partner, President & CEO

25+ years of C-suite experience in transportation divestiture and privatization, including airport and port facilities in Canada, and airports in Jamaica, Cyprus, Jordan and Panama. Multi-modal start-up, transition, change management and turn-around specialist with a proven track record in challenging, dynamic projects.

Frode Skulbru

Modalis Partner & CFO

20+ years of int'l airport privatization experience across five continents, including consortium development, buy/sell side due diligence, transaction project management, financing and negotiations in a multi-party investor/operator context. Specializing in proposal development and bid management.

Carlos Allimant

Modalis Partner

25+ years of senior/executive management experience in the transport infrastructure industry, including airports, ports and railways, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), privatization, due diligence and structured finance in Latin America as well as leading roles in the logistics sector, mainly container shipping and cargo airlines.

Our Associates


Peter BIANCONI | Terminal Planning, Design & Capacity Assessment | EN
35+ years of airport planning, design and project management experience on six continents in private and public sectors with extensive experience on BOT/PPP projects, diligence/analysis in purchases/ownership changes. Specializing in airport master planning, terminal and airfield design for new greenfield, brownfield and existing sites.

Kathy deLISSER | Operations & Facility Management | EN
20+ years of facility and transport management experience covering airport, rail and marine sectors, overseeing all aspects of operations including developing programs geared at solutions to elevate customer experience and satisfaction; project development and implementation; contract negotiation/management and developing effective business plans and budgets.

Ted GREEN | In-flight Services & Quality Management | EN
35+ years of executive/operational inflight services management with charter and large network airlines in Canada and UAE, specializing in all areas of the inflight experience; including cabin crew, performance management, cabin fatigue management; on board product design/development, Quality Assurance & Control (ISO and IOSA).

Ulrich LASKA | Architecture & Planning for Aviation | EN/FR/ES/DE
35+ years specializing exclusively in the planning and design of all types of airport facilities, with particular emphasis on air terminal planning, air terminal design and implementation. Other project types include airline facilities, aircraft maintenance facilities, aircraft hangars, air cargo facilities, fixed base operations.

Tom LEWIS | Emergency Response, Training & Coaching | EN
35+ years of experience as an Emergency Management Specialist focusing in the Incident Command System for site based response (Incident Command Post), Site Support, Consequence Management and Business Continuity (Emergency Operations Centre). Extensive practical experience with exercise design, training, mentoring and coaching at the tactical, strategic and policy levels.

Francois MARTEL | Airport Commercial & Safety Management | EN/FR/ES
35+ years of experience delivering complex airport projects across international markets. Airport management and planning experience in various management roles within airports and as a consultant, including commercial/retail analysis and planning, non-aeronautical revenue generation and safety management systems implementation, management and auditing.

Wayne McNEAL | Air Transport Supply Chain & Logistics | EN
35+ years of experience in the aviation and aerospace industry with the airlines, Maintenance Repair Organization (MRO), regulatory authorities and consulting, advising major airlines, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), 3rd party suppliers and distributors and governments—areas of expertise include MRO & Manufacturing, Airport Development, Airline Development & Management, Airborne Safety Technologies & Services.

Elvio PECCHIA | Airport Operations & Maintenance | EN/IT
30+ years of airport/airline operations and management experience in Canada and internationally providing guidance and oversight to airport management professionals, while implementing programs to enhance safety and security, enhance customer experience, transition into new facilities and maintain regulatory compliance.

Mike PENNER | Wireless Telecommunications | EN
10+ years’ experience in wireless telecommunications industry, C-level executive and Chartered Financial Analyst with on-the-ground experience in new market development in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, leading financing efforts and start-ups from business plan to product development to commercialization.

Neil RAYNOR | Executive Management & Aviation Policy | EN/ES/BP
25+ years senior executive leadership, change management, due diligence and management consulting experience in North America, the Caribbean and Europe working with airport owners, government regulators and infrastructure developers and financiers within aviation community to meet the challenges of changing legislation, increasing competition, opportunity identification and strategic business planning.

David SOLLOWAY | Airline Management & Route/Network Development | EN
35+ years of aviation experience in the successful development and management of complex operations and markets, with extensive hands-on, relationship-based experience in air service/route development and marketing. Extensive experience in international office start-ups and Air Services Agreements (ASAs), as well as government, media and community relations.

Peter SPURWAY | Government, Media, Stakeholder & Passenger Relations | EN
25+ years of corporate reputation management in the private and public sectors, including issue/crisis management, government, media, and stakeholder relations, internal/external communications planning and execution; 12 years’ experience in passenger relations, including design and implementation of airport service culture programs, ASQ & Skytrax Award recipient.

Harry STEELE | Commercial, Retail, Food & Beverage | EN/FR
35+ years of senior management experience overseeing commercial operations at airports, seasoned commercial developer and international consultant (including North America, Caribbean, Europe and Middle East) with strong ability to harmonize and balance airport and commercial operator interests.

William SULLIVAN | Aerospace & Defense Policy | EN
10+ years’ experience in the aviation and aerospace industry with the defense contractors, regulatory authorities and consulting, having led and managed new business development and turnaround initiatives for a major avionics & defense group—strategic expertise is in government/defense policy impacting the bottom-line.

Bruce WATSON | ORAT, Airline & Ground Handling Operations | EN
35+ years of aviation industry experience across commercial airline and airport operations sectors, specializing in ground handling, new airport/terminal openings and Operational Readiness & Airport Transfer (ORAT), senior level management experience in change management, re-structuring, employee engagement and business recovery.

Adam WICKSTEAD | Project Logistics Development & Execution | EN
25+ years solving complex logistical challenges – project cargo specialist for infrastructure construction and development, feasibility studies and surveys, aircraft charter, lease and procurement, vessel charter and surface transport management – global reach of like-minded logistical professionals, well versed dealing with capital cost allocated budgets and financial instruments for project completion – excels at operational problem solving.

United States

Robert AARONSON | International Airport Leadership & Industry Relations | EN
35+ years of senior level management experience, encompassing airports management, privatization and strategic consulting; airport and airline trade associations leadership; ICAO and national government standards and regulations.

Michael CROWE | Strategic Business & Corporate Development | EN/ES/BP
30+ years of international strategy and business development expertise in corporate formation and finance, as well as technology development and deployment, including projects involving aviation operations, wireless communications, electronics manufacturing, and software development throughout Latin America, the USA, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

Hans DORRIES | Airport Planning & Simulation | EN/DE/ES
10+ years of experience in airport planning, particularly in aircraft noise analysis using the Integrated Noise Model (INM) and the Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT). Specializing in airport simulation including aircraft, terminal, and vehicle operations.

Peter GARGIULO | Strategy Execution & Organization Effectiveness | EN
25+ years of strategic and business planning experience in diverse industry, operational, and international environments.  Proven ability to guide organization-wide change. Evaluates and implements CEO/Board-level initiatives that enhance the customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and improve stakeholder relationships.

Nicolas KLOPP | Construction/Project Management | EN/ES/BG/DE
30+ years leading all phases of construction (in eight countries) for high volume projects valued at more than USD$1BB, including airports, ports, government offices, big box, city infrastructure, commercial, retail and residential developments with specific expertise in the planning, coordination and execution of complex projects.

Luis E. PEREZ | Executive Leadership & Aviation Management | EN/ES/PT
20+ years of international senior-level management and leadership experience developed through aviation projects with international airports and investment companies in the United States, South America, Canada and Mexico.

Kevan RIDGWAY | Destination Marketing & Development | EN
35+ years of building relationships within the hospitality and tourism industries, working with the private sector, not-for-profit organizations, federal/provincial/regional/municipal governments to develop marketing and implementation strategies.

Dr. Patricia RYAN | Commercial, Retail & Property | EN
30+ years in strategic planning and feasibility studies relating to airport, cruise and rail commercial development including concessions, hotel, property management and cargo worldwide… past Associate Dean at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and professor at Florida Institute of Technology teaching aviation-related studies.

Govindan SRIDHARAN | Project Management & Planning | EN
40+ years of developing airport and other infrastructure projects from concept to final completion, skilled in organizing teams to design, procure and construct complex projects. Extensive experience with project planning, management and operational readiness on BOT/PPP projects, developed through international joint ventures.


Oscar HERNANDEZ | Airport/Airfield Electrical Engineering | EN/ES
15+ years of experience in airport maintenance of terminals and airport infrastructure, and operation and maintenance of airport electrical systems.

Ricardo MILANI | Airport/Airline Operations Management | EN/ES
35+ years in progressively senior positions in commercial airline operations specializing in strategic planning, managing global projects, leading improvement processes, enhancing airport efficiencies and team building. Significant strengths in alliance and customer experience development and implementation, as well as business practices in a multicultural environment.  Proven track record in starting and opening new airline bases in several countries.


Luiz AVELLAR | Airport Planning, Design & Environment | EN/BP/ES
20+ years experience in airport planning and development, specializing in airport master, facility and system planning and safety regulation, managing numerous master plans and development plans, environmental documents for runway projects, urban compatibility studies, on- and off-airport land use plans and airport site selection studies – yielding expertise in master planning, noise and obstacle compatibility process.

Wirandé CAMPOS | Fleet, Network & Schedule Planning | EN/BP/ES/FR
10+ years of fleet, network & schedule planning experience both in regional and legacy airlines, specializing in profitability & operational optimization methods.

José MAGALHÃES | Airport Planning & Aircraft Performance | EN/BP/ES/FR
15+ years experience in airport planning and 8 years experience in aircraft manufacturing as a product development engineer, specializing in airport systems and master planning with specific focus on airport capacity, facilities needs/planning, aircraft development and performance, site selection and airport safety.

Luiz POCHACZEVSKY | Multi-modal Transport & Airport Development | EN/BP
10 + years of experience in airport development focusing on cargo and new route development, charter operations, warehousing, multi-modal and integrated logistics, including pricing and sales, business intelligence, negotiations, trade and capacity management, service design and project management with a solid background in brand and trade marketing.

André SOUTELINO | Aviation Law & Airport Operations | EN/BP
10+ years of experience in the aviation industry within operations and regulatory authorities, with expertise is in Brazilian aviation, consumer, labour, environmental, business and administrative law and strong working knowledge of ICAO requirements.

Doris VEIRA da COSTA | Safety Management & Environment | EN/BP/ES
30+ years of experience in civil aviation industry within Brazilian Civil Aviation regulatory authority. Expertise in airport planning, State Safety Programme and Safety Management System regulation and implementation, security and safety auditing processes, airport environmental issues and strong working knowledge of ICAO requirements related to Annexes 14 and 19.

Costa Rica

Adriana BOZA ULLOA | Airport Operations, Safety & Operational Readiness | EN/ES
15+ years of experience in airport operations and management, capacity planning, safety, security, emergency planning and regulatory compliance. Experience in successful implementation of Safety Management Systems (SMS) and ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems. Successful track record in project management and transition into new facilities, systems integration and change management.

Luis FOURNIER | Finance & Administration | EN/ES/IT
20+ years in banking and finance including the operation of Airports and Container Terminals. Experienced PPP/privatization project and investment banking executive with experience setting up finance departments, ERP implementation and negotiating multiparty loans and setting up their compliance structures.

Cesar TELLO | Airport Management & Operations | EN/ES
15+ years of experience in Airport Management and Airport Operation, including Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT) projects. Successfully developed and implemented operational plans for new and existing airport facilities/infrastructure (landside, airside, parking and terminal). Strong background in operational planning and management with construction companies, engineering departments, government entities, airport concessions and airport operators to ensure the training, action plans and efficient start of operations in new facilities.

David VELIZ | Airport Planning, Operations, IT & Systems | EN/ES
20+ years of experience with private and multi-national companies in planning, operations for airport information technology, including Costa Rica’s Juan Santamaria Int’l Airport. Responsible for control, management and maintenance of all information/airport systems, life-cycle management, cost/service optimization. Experienced with startups, including operational transition/readiness for airports/terminal technological systems and equipment as well as supporting commercial programs and operations.


Patricia MORGAN | Civil Aviation Regulation & Organizational Structuring | EN/FR/ES/DE/NL
30+ years of experience in civil aviation regulation with expertise in national policy and strategy, institutional development of airports and regulatory authorities, civil aviation legislation and regulation. Experience throughout the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East. An experienced project manager and team leader in many multi-lateral funded projects (World Bank, IDB, EU).


Maritzel CRUZ | Organizational Development & Change Management | EN/ES
25+ years of experience as an organizational development advisor and executive coach with experience serving various executive positions before becoming a consultant. Experience ranges from multi-national global environments to local companies in the private and non-profit sectors.


Alexander GOMEZ | Mechanical Engineering, Infrastructure & Aviation | EN/ES
15+ years of experience in engineering and managing project execution for general infrastructure and aviation, focused in construction and commissioning of airport facilities such as baggage handling systems, passenger loading bridges and firefighting systems. Technically sound in NFPA standards such as NFPA 13, 14, 20, 72 and Life Safety Code NFPA 101.

Christian HUERTES FLEISCHMAN | Aviation & Airport Security | EN/ES
15+ years of experience with the Civil Aviation Authority of Peru, specializing in aviation security, safe transport of dangerous goods and facilitation, including airport/aviation security audits, verifying compliance with various security standards ICAO USAP Annex 17 (etc.), as well as other security-related aviation standards/best-practices.


Anthony CICUTTINI | Aviation Economics, Business Analysis & Air Service Development | EN
10+ years of aviation industry experience gained from client projects completed in over 15 countries. Extensive experience in aviation economics, business analysis, and air service development activities ranging from demand forecasting, business planning, business intelligence, route forecasting, data modelling, airline engagement, and strategic planning.

Sharon DAVIDOV | Aviation Management, Security, Emergency Planning, ORAT, Safety, Change and Programme Management | EN
30+ years of aviation industry experience across international airports and operations. Specialising in operational process improvements, new airport/terminal openings, emergency planning, business continuity, operational readiness & airport transfer (ORAT), security, safety in construction, airport operations control centres. C-level management consulting experience in change management, digital transformation, stakeholder management, employee engagement and business recovery.

Terry FLYNN | Airline Operations & Management | EN/JA
30+ years of international executive-level experience across three profitable international airlines, spanning five continents and a diverse variety of countries and cultures including; Australia, Guinea, Vietnam, Dubai, Fiji, Greece and Albania.

David KEIR | Energy Policy & Renewable Power | EN
20+ years of combined international sales and regulated electric utility experience in Canada and Australia, with specialist capabilities in energy policy, regulatory strategy, tariff design, grid connection, renewable power generation, utility/client interface and stakeholder engagement.

Desmond ROSS | Executive Management & Corporate Transition | EN
25+ years of senior executive management level and consulting experience on all continents, including Antarctica, and more than 40 countries as a fixed and rotary wing pilot, airport director, regulator, air traffic controller and diplomat. Served ten years in South-East Asia and ten years in the Pacific Islands as CEO of an airport company and head of the Pacific Aviation Safety Office. Responsible for corporatizing airport companies and set up of green field sites.


Irakli NASIDZE | Airport Infrastructure & Commercial Development | EN/RU/DE/KA
10+ years of experience delivering complex and high dollar value infrastructure & commercial projects in Eastern Europe and former CIS countries. Extensive experience working both with governments and private sector in airport privatization & construction, air service development and destination marketing.

Hong Kong

Joe HAZELDON | Aviation Security & Hold Baggage Handling Operations | EN
35+ years of military, public and private sector experience in a variety of front line and managerial roles.  Living and working in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, engaged in the aviation industry for over 25 years specializing in end-to-end hold baggage systems & processes and Aviation Security regulatory policy development, implementation and quality control.


Jaya SRIVASTAVA | Multi-modal Transport Design & Planning | EN
8+ years of experience working with governments, public, and private sectors on a range of projects related to multi-modal integration, terminal design, airport planning and design, transport planning, comprehensive mobility plan, land use planning, urban design, feasibility studies, business development, project management, tourism development and urban infrastructure planning.


Stephane BEAULIEU | International Trade and Investment | FR/JA/EN/ES
15+ years of international trade and investment experience in Asia and Middle East with the Canadian Trade Commission, engaging large trading houses, institutional investors, banks, hedge funds and pension funds to facilitate Foreign Direct Investment and Canadian Direct Investment abroad focused mainly on energy and natural resource sectors.


Hashem BATAYNEH | Construction Contracts, Claims & Facility Management | EN/AR
10+ years of experience in project and construction contract management, alternative dispute resolution techniques, and facility management in the residential, commercial, and infrastructure sectors. Managed and successfully completed several complex multi-million USD projects in the MENA region.

Amin KAWAR | Transport Infrastructure Privatization & Development | EN/AR
25+ years of management experience with international companies and government organizations in Jordan and the Middle East working on challenging projects.

Hani GHANIM | Strategic Business & Corporate Development | EN/AR
15+ years of progressive and comprehensive experience in financial planning, strategy, aviation finance, management accounting, risk management, computer information systems and project management. Managed building a finance department from scratch in an award-winning commercial airport. Handled negotiations with shareholders and banks to finance the project and approve needed variations to initial agreements. Bachelor’s degree in finance and is a licensed CPA (USA) , CPA CA (Canada) and CMA (USA).


Khair MIRZA | Airport Privatization, Development & Finance | EN/FR/BM
10+ years of transaction experience, spanning majority and minority stake sales of both private airport concessions and public equities in India, Malaysia and Turkey, plus over a decade of transaction and advisory experience selling/marketing to global funds across the US, Europe and Asia on a wide range of industries including retail, food and beverage, property, information technology and airports.

Ganasen NARAINAN | Airport Management & Operations, ORAT | EN
35+ years in the aviation industry including slot & capacity management, developing and establishing integrated airport operations including command centres/crisis management centres, and developing and implementing Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT) plans.

Leong YEOH | Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Retail | EN/BM
10+ years of senior management level at chain hotels, restaurant chain, cruise and remote site catering operations with strong experience in leading Accounting and Finance teams in Malaysia and Indonesia. Other working experiences in banking, retail, gaming and construction with skills across financial, commercial, strategic, analysis and planning matters.


Andrew WALSH | Airport, Airline Development & Operational Leadership, Corporate Strategic Development | EN
30+ years senior experience in airport, airline and aviation service provider operations. New airport master planning, ORAT and licensing, development projects for existing infrastructure including automation and technology implementation. Additional executive experience in Strategy, Commercial, Business Planning, Corporate and Regulatory governance/compliance. Engineer with an MBA and International experience gained in Asia, Middle East, Europe and America

South Korea

Woojin CHOI | Airport & Project Management | EN/KO
20+ years of airport development and complex project management experience throughout project lifecycle. Planning, design, construction, activation and operations, focusing on airport capacity and business portfolio expansion and mixed use development in Asia and Middle East both with private and public sectors, expertise in airport business planning, project feasibility study, landside and airport city development and process innovation.

James DO | Project Development | EN/KO
10+ years project development experience in the Middle East and Africa, Far East Asia and North America for Korean conglomerates including information and communications technology, construction, military, energy and commodities with strong focus on projects providing socio-economic development of underserved areas.


Vangelis DEMOSTHENOUS | Safety Management & Training | EN/EL
15+ years providing training and consultancy services on Human Factors, Safety Management and other related areas … clients include Rolls-Royce (UK, Canada, Brazil and USA), Cathay Pacific, Etihad, Oman Airports and aviation authorities worldwide… extensive Aviation Engineering background and MSc in Safety Management.

Chrystel EROTOKRITOU | Aviation Law | EN/FR/EL
5+ years experience in the aviation industry within the field of air passenger rights, airline liability, consumer law and aviation safety.


Kimmo RUOTSALANIEN | Aeronautical & Non-Aeronautical Strategy | EN/SV/DE/FI
25+ years of executive-level experience in aviation, transport and logistics with key skills in corporate, aviation and non-aero revenue strategies, business forecasting, digital transformation, smart airport ICT solutions, customer journey management, route development and diversification, commercial policies for airlines, concession management, cargo development and airport operations spanning European, Middle-Eastern and Asian markets.


Johannes BEUCHLING | Commercial Aviation & Aircraft Leasing | EN/ES/FR
10+ year academic and professional career in the aviation industry working with airlines, airports, OEMs, aircraft leasing firms, investors, and international aviation organizations. Key specialties in business and technical analysis, strategic planning, data modelling, aircraft leasing flight data analysis, etc.


Ioannis SETTAS | Airport & Tourism Strategic Planning, Readiness, Program Mgmt. & Start-up | EN/EL
25+ years of experience in private and public sectors, results oriented, a strong communicator with robust leadership quality and the ability to deliver irrespective of challenges.


Arijandas SLIUPAS | Business Strategy & Executive Management | EN/LT/RU
20+ years of managerial and executive carrier in fields of logistics and aviation, including experience in the State policy making within relevant sector. Successful management of the State-owned enterprises transforming them from infrastructure managing structures to business-driven companies.

Arturas STANKEVICIUS | Business Strategy & Executive Management | EN/LT/RU
15+ years of aviation industry experience from operations to top level management in public and private projects, with demonstrated success in executive leadership, management and terminal/airfield operations (incl. ORAT), as well as airport planning and development.


Alain DECORS | Economic Development & Air Cargo | EN/FR/ES
20+ years experience in economic development, logistics and air cargo providing consulting and management services to international institutions, governments, financial groups, export agencies, airports authorities, airlines, and airport services providers. Successful track record in 60+ countries including Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and North and South America.


Anna Omoh OHIOMOBA | Airport Economics, Marketing & Business Development, Strategic Planning | EN
15+ years of business operations experience with 7+ years in global airport operations and management. Strategic & result-oriented professional adept in airport marketing, market research, economic analysis, strategic planning, business development, stakeholder management and customer service improvement.


Feliciana MONTEIRO | Transport & Marine Economics | EN/PT/ES/DE/FR
15+ years of experience successfully delivering high complexity solutions in economics, regulation, strategy and logistics. Engaged in high profile consulting and academic research studies projects for transport policies, logistics and port infrastructure in Europe and Latin America. In-depth understanding of transport competition and regulatory policies, market structure and business intelligence.

Paula SANTOS | Strategy, Business & Commercial Development | EN/PT/ES/FR
20+ years experience in supporting airports, from international hubs to regional airports in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia, to optimize their non-aeronautical revenue streams based on an integrated approach that combines market, operational, commercial and design aspects.

South Africa

Katja MARTINI | Architecture & Design | EN/DE
15+ years of successful international architectural design, facility planning and project management experience for transport, hospitality, workplace, residential, institutional, mixed-use and retail developments of landmark status and quality.

United Kingdom

Luke ANDREWS | Project Management & Engineering | EN
10+ years of project/engineering management and consultation to SMEs and large global corporations within a variety of industries and a particular focus in the aviation sector with specialization in complex large-scale baggage handling systems.

John CARD | Aviation Economist & Airport Management | EN/FR/IN
20+ years of experience in aviation management and development projects, in 24 countries, spanning investment appraisal, economic assessment, capital finance, aviation policy development, traffic forecasting, project definition, airport operations, management accounting and institutional strengthening.

Anthony HILL | Facilities & Project Management | EN
30+ years of international facilities and project management experience at executive level, particularly adept at change management and organizational restructuring … MBA from a leading British university.

Jason IVEY | Airport Management, Operations and Compliance | EN
30+ years experience gained exclusively in the aviation industry across Europe, Middle East, South Africa and the Caribbean. Worked as both a National and International Aviation Regulator, as well as holding Accountable Manager positions at two UK airports. A strong track record of delivery in airport operations, safety management systems, audit and compliance and emergency preparedness.

Robin MAGGS | Airport Planning & Operational Assessment | EN
35+ years in airport planning, operations and ATM, with experience on six continents in both private and public sectors. Extensive experience in forecasting, strategic and master planning, capacity analysis, operational research and organizational restructuring.

Alex REID | Airline & Ground Handling | EN/DE
30+ years senior management and operational experience with diverse range of ground handling and airline companies, including station start-ups, management and new terminal/airport transfers, across the U.K., Europe and the Middle East.

Prof. Norman SHANKS | Aviation Security & Operations | EN
30+ years of senior level management in airport management and aviation security, recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in international aviation security process and practices, with 15 years international consultancy experience in aviation security for airports and airlines.


AR – Arabic, BG – Bulgarian, BM – Bahasa Malaysia, BP – Brazilian Portuguese, DE – German, EL – Greek, EN – English, ES – Spanish, FI – Finnish, FR – French, HI – Hindi, IN – Indonesian, IT – Italian, JA – Japanese, KA – Georgian, KO – Korean, LT – Lithuanian, NO – Norwegian, PA – Punjabi, PT – Portuguese, RU – Russian, SV – Swedish

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